Color Xtend by IT&LY

color xtend rangeColor Xtend has been formulated to restore dehydrated hair. For hair that lacks moisture due to over processing and exposure to the elements or naturally dry. The range keeps colour fresh, true and bright. A drink for thirsty hair!

Color Xtend Shampoocolor xttend trio products

Is a sulphate free shampoo with a light cleansing action, deep hydration  enhances and brightens tones in the hair. Also contains UV protection to protect hair and stop colour fading. Hair is left revitalised and glossy.

Deep Nourishing Mask

This luxurious mask can be used as often as needed and will not build up on the hair .Phytocol Marine helps to rebuild  the keratin layer and nourish the hair.Gives maximum protection with longer lasting tone. Mask ingredients are acid born, electronically charged and natural, which means they will be absorbed into hair due to being ph balanced. This product also contains UV protection.

Shine Plus

Shine plus is ideal for all hair types. With no silicones rather natural ingredients, there is no build up on the hair. Spray into wet hair or onto dry hair to style and lock in beautiful shine.  Hair is weightless, silky and UV protected.

color xtend spendor oil

Splendor Oil

Splendor oil is  a deep moisturising treatment for parched hair and hair that lacks flexibility or is overloaded with protein. This is a treatment to be performed in the salon. Use Spender oil to even out hair structure and penetrate deep into the hair keratin layer. Hair becomes flexible, feels healthy and enhanced. 

Ingredients are acid born which means they are electronically charged, natural,  and easily absorb into hair. UV protection enhances the longevity of the colour. Hair will absorb oil  in areas most needed. 

For hair that is weak, damaged, prone to breakage and has lost it’s structure use   Synergicare Immediate Repair.


Ingredients 101

photocol MarinePHYTOCOLL MARINE: Phytocoll Marine extracted from seaweed, Rich in proteins and mineral the seaweed acts like a moisture magnet to the hair and mirrors water soluable collagen creating flexibility. Deeply hydrating  hair feels softer and easier to comb. Naturally UV protective.



CEREMIDES: Ceramides represent the basic constituent for the structure of cells and hair, and their capability of repairing and protecting damaged hair from aggressive processes, pollution and UV rays, Ceramides ensure the best level of moisture to the hair structure, with the result of stronger and resistant hair.[clear-line]

almond oilSWEET ALMOND OIL: It is well renowned for its emollient, soothing,nourishing and lenitive properties. Its fine texture is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, it is resistant to weather conditions and is a rich source of vitamins E , B, proteins, glucides and mineral salts. Excellent for healing dull and abused hair.

sunflowerHELIANTHUUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER): Extracted from sunflower seeds it prevents and counteracts the damages deriving from all types of free radicals (oxidation, U V rays); it prevents from colour fading (even the natural one) and is rich of emollient substances that maintain soft and silky hair. Widely employed in hair care products, it protects from U V rays damages and repairs the hair structure. The hair colour will always be protected and shiny.
rice branRICE BRAN OIL: Precious vegetable oil obtained by cold-press process. R ich of fatty acids and vitamin E , it is particularly suitable to give protection and smoothness to abused hair because of aggressive treatments, pollution, U V rays. It enhances the natural luster and restores the right level of hydration protecting the hair from free radicals.